About IF Studios

Dedicated to quality application development

IF Studios was formed in 2010 when we acquired the HeroEngine. By bringing operations to Maryland, we were able to further refined our vision and embarked on a mission to break down many of the barriers to even more rapid growth in the already exciting online game market.

Today, we are executing on that vision by giving all game developers, from major studios to independents and startups, ready access to best in class game development and distribution technology that is easy to use and requires minimum initial cash investment.


Our Vision

IF Studio and Idea Fabrik’s mission is to help developers build complex, content rich applications faster and cheaper than ever before.


Company Description

At the core of our business lies our online game development technology “HeroEngine” which quickly became the technology of choice for MMO projects at AAA studios including Electonic Arts’ BioWare studio’s “Star Wars: The Old Republic” game, which was released to public in December 2011; another major multi-year project “The Elder Scrolls Online” game by Zenimax Online (parent company of major developer/publisher Bethesda Softworks) was released in April 2014 and others.


Our business model is based on licensing HeroEngine:

HeroEngine Source Code License - on a perpetual basis for development of a single game property for a one-time payment that is typically in the range of several hundreds of thousands of dollars;
HeroCloud Service License - on a subscription basis for development of a single game property for a recurring annual fee in hundreds of dollars plus revenue-based royalties of 15% to 30% depending on the range of services.

HeroCloud was released in several stages beginning in late 2010 and continuing throughout 2015, in a manner typical for new software and service offerings. By January 31, 2013, HeroCloud was in full initial release mode and the Company has issued more than 4,000 licenses to developers under the 30% royalty model. Initially the HeroCloud was licensed at no up-front fee, in May 2012 a small subscription fee was introduced to partially cover Idea Fabrik’s server costs.

We expect a number of games currently in development on HeroCloud to launch beginning in the first half of 2017, with a larger number following in 2018 and 2019.



Our Management Team

Alex Shalash
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Sarrene' Grant
Chief Operations Officer
Christopher Larsen
Chief Technical Officer 
Herb Marselas
Lead Graphics Engineer